Ms Ghada Abu Ghalyoun
Palestinian Trade Union representative

The Coalition for Justice and Peace in Palestine is pleased to announce that Ms Ghada Abu Ghalyoun will be a guest speaker at “Temperatures Rising!”, the 2011 conference on Australian civil society & Palestinian freedom, in Sydney on 14-15 May, 2011.

Ms Abu Ghalyoun is Coordinator of the International Department and Coordinator of the Youth Department (a project funded by the Canadian Labor Congress) of the Palestine General Federation of Trade Unions (PGFTU), based in the central office in Nablus in the West Bank. She is also an executive committee member of the Graphic Workers Union, and Deputy Secretary of the Women’s Department of PGFTU.

Before joining the PGFTU, Ms Abu Ghalyoun was active in women and youth issues, leading women’s and youth groups in marginalized areas in advocacy actions to demand their rights as well as to play important roles in their communities.

Ms Abu Ghalyoun has represented the PGFTU at many international union events, such as:
• JILAF program for youth exchange –Japan, November 2000
• (UK) TUC Women’s Day, Britain, 2002
• ITUC Asia & Pacific (ITUC-AP) Regional Policy Review Workshop on informal economy –Jakarta, October 2008
• CFDT XI Annual Congress in Montpellier, France, June 2009.
• First Global Women’s Conference, ITUC, Brussels, October 2009.
• Mediterranean youth meeting, Italy, November 2009.
• ITUC-AP Training Seminar on Building and Effective Networks for Human and Trade Union Rights, Hong Kong, March 2010.
• CGIL Congress, Italy, April 2010.
• ITUC seminar on International Labour Standards, Brussels, April 2010
• ITUC-AP conference on violence against women, Singapore, 2010.
• ACV-CSC Congress, Ostend, Belgium, October 2010.

PGFTU is the largest union federation in Palestine, with 13 affiliates, all in the private sector. PGFTU is an affiliate of the International Trade Union Confederation, and its General Secretary Shaher Sa’ed is a vice-president of ITUC.

PGFTU is currently engaged in a mobilization around minimum wages in the Palestinian territories.

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