The conference will host speakers from a range of groups across Australia, and will take place on the 63rd anniversary of the Nakba. The conference will have talks, panel discussions and workshops; Some of the papers will be academic, some less formal. Our aim is to elicit 6-10 academic papers on civil society dynamics which can be published in Cosmopolitan Civil Societies peer-reviewed e-journal. Taking part will be academics, activists, community members, students, and civil society advocates. 

The Coalition for Justice and Peace in Palestine invites submissions of abstracts for papers, panels and workshops relating to Temperatures rising! Australian civil society & Palestinian freedom.


  • Given the current hot debate over boycotting Israel, how can we strategise activism in Australia to more effectively support the Palestinian struggle?
  • The impacts of rebellions across North Africa and Middle East on Palestinian self-determination
  • The nature of Zionism and current Israeli policies
  • The centrality of the Palestinians’ right of return

To submit:
For information and to express interest in talking or presenting at the conference, please email a 100-150 word summary to  no later than 30 April, 2011, and the earlier the better, so we can plan the program. In this email please specify the format you would prefer for your presentation, e.g. as part of a panel, facilitating a workshop, a paper presentation, if you require Powerpoint facilities, etc. Papers should be not longer than 20 minutes and panel presentations between 5-10 minutes. A list of suggested topics is provided below; of course, other suggestions for relevant topics are welcome, but please note that conference organisers will make the final decisions as to the conference program. We do not have funds to assist travel. Session times will be confirmed closer to the date, but if you are aware of any restrictions on your availability to present in Sydney on Sat 14th May or Sun 15th May, please let us know.

 Topics include:

◦ME & North Africa political conjunctures: from Mauritania and Western Sahara to Djibouti and Iran, USA policy: impacts on Palestine

◦Israeli and Palestinian political conjunctures: current Israeli colonial strategies, the nature of Israeli capital and super-exploitation of the OPT, Palestinian leaderships in Gaza and West Bank, and Palestinians in neighbouring countries

◦Indigenous fights to retain land; ecological, feminist and Marxist perspectives on Palestine

◦Assisting Palestinians or letting the occupiers off the hook? A debate about the quality of aid to OPT, refugees; aid & advocacy

◦Politics and demographics of Palestinian diaspora, dynamics and priorities of Palestinian communities in Australia

◦Australian mass media and public opinion on Palestine, anti-Arab/Muslim racism

◦The history of Palestine campaigning in Australia

◦Australian political parties and Palestine. What makes the ALP so Israel-friendly? The debate inside the Greens.

◦Australian and international trade unions & Palestine

◦Australian universities & Palestine; revitalising student activism

◦Faith communities & Palestine, who will speak truth to power? If not us, who? If not now, when?

◦The Israel lobby and Australian Jews & Israel: must Jewish identities and communities support Israel?

 Sessions with an activism & research focus may include discussions on:

◦Australia-Israel economic linkages & trade (particularly arms trade)

◦Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions: opportunities for divestment (industry super funds, corporate social responsibility, share-holder activism); the cultural boycott of Israel and cultural activism for Palestine; lessons of contemporary international movement; lessons from South African BDS campaigns; and advancing the consumer boycott around Australia.

◦Australia, Israel & International law and the UN: ICJ, votes, Durban, Security Council, etc

◦Local councils: lessons from Marrickville & Leichhardt, can sister city relations be extended? Are BDS resolutions impossible?

◦Alliances with progressive ethnic communities to support Palestinian self-determination

◦International campaigns focussing on the Palestinian prisoners

◦Supporting joint Palestinian-Israeli resistance, Israeli rebels, international solidarity/peace activists in the West Bank

◦Sexual politics of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict; Tel Aviv as gay Mecca – what’s wrong with this picture?

◦Australian civil liberties and Palestinian solidarity, Trade Practices Act, anti-terror laws, tax deductibility for advocacy organisations, etc

◦Creating “people’s diplomacy”: opportunities for promoting cultural, academic and other exchanges between Australians and Palestinians

◦Building local and national coordination & cohesion; strategies & priorities for Palestine solidarity in Australia